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Tubular Willys Chassis

Our tubular chassis has been built to accentuate the sleekness of the 1940-41 Willy’s body with a slick design and added strength for this impressive vehicle. The tubular design combines a show winning style with a sturdy quality to our chassis. Testing proved our frames to be over three times stronger than a leading competitor’s frame, providing you with a very structurally sound chassis. This means that you will experience less frame flex under high horsepower applications for your big block Willy’s. In addition to the added safety with the tubular frame, it will instantly increase the value and individuality of your Willy’s. Our frames are available either as tubbed “prostreet” or untubbed. The tubbed chassis is narrow enough to accommodate a 33” x 21.50” rear tire. The untubbed frame can accommodate a 10” wide rear wheel with a fat tire. For additional information and pictures, please click on the “Tubbed” or “Untubbed” links below.



 Tubbed Pictures

Untubbed Pictures

Mounted Body Pictures


Technical Information:

1940-41 Willy’s Tubular Chassis

  • Available as Tubbed “prostreet” or Untubbed
  • Strong .125 & .188 Wall DOM Tubing (seamless)
  • Available as bare frame up to a fully plumbed rolling chassis
  • Bare perimeter frame $10,000

Chassis Features:

  • All round tube construction

  • Billet tube end caps

  • Round tube motor mounts

  • Tubular transmission mount of choice

  • Blind tapped body mounts in rails for added strength and sleekness to your Willys

Chassis Options:

  • Tubbed or Untubbed rear rails

  • Billet steel 90 degree corners

  • Billet and tubular motor mounts

  •  Tubular brake booster mounts

  •  2” raised front crossmember

  •  3.5” raised kickup in rear rails

  • New Age Designs Triangulated 4 bar rear suspension

  • Air ride and plumbing

  • Master cylinder and brake lines

  • Wilwood front and rear disc brakes

  • Billet Caliper backing plates polished to a mirror finish

  • Stainless round tube polished radiator mount

  • Tubular brake swing arm mount

  • New Age Designs Polished Billet Aluminum brake swing arm

  • Dutchman Motorsports rear end of choice