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Teardrop Billet Aluminum Gas Pedal

We designed an interior set to complement our slick frames and used a touch of the nostalgic teardrop shape. We came up with the teardrop gas pedal. Our teardrop gas pedal has slick tubular designed swing arms to complement our tubular frames. We made the slickest gas pedal on the market because your trick street rod deserves the highest quality parts to complement it and add a show winning style without compromising strength. As with all of our interior products the whole gas pedal assembly is polished to a mirror glaze.

Price: $165

12 Tall
2 Wide

See our billet aluminum brake pad to accompany this gas pedal and our matching teardrop shaped interior lights.

Gas Pedal Assembly and Brake Pad


Gas and Break Pedal Front View


Mounted in 41 Willys